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We Buy New & Used Textbooks

All Kinds, All Types: K-12, High School, Middle School, Math, Science, History, English, ESL & Foreign Language, Language Arts Appointment

What We Do

We buy many of your still-usable obsolete or unwanted textbooks, as well as some educational materials. We will come to your school to sort, box and haul away these textbooks. We offer several payment options including immediate payment to your department, school or other organization and store credit . For your usable textbooks that don't have a monetary value, we have several creative donation opportunities.


  • You Create more shelf space and get paid to do it
  • We assist you in your decision making process
      (Yes... we can judge a book by looking at its cover)
  • We do most of the physical work
  • You Generate money for your school, department,
    school library or student organization
  • You help support various charities.


We realize that some of your older textbooks may not have a current value in the marketplace. That is why we created our donation program. When you donate your books, some are sent directly to in-need teachers and schools in the United States and overseas. Some are sold in our stores and online as donated books and a percentage is donated to local charities including: SHARE in Milford, the Nashua Soup Kitchen, the Salvation Army, the NH Food Bank and others!.


All Kinds, All Types: K-12, High School, Middle School, Math, Science, History, English

We Buy New & Used Textbooks


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We Buy Textbooks


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